What is STEMulating Art™?

Imagining and discovering innovative solutions to real-world problems while introducing young minds to STEM concepts via Art.

STEMulating Art™ Workshop Description

Today, most STEM and Art or "STEAM" programs for youth focus heavily ONLY on hands-on technical projects.  Through STEMulating Art™, a different approach is taken that not only exposes youth to STEM concepts used by engineers, scientists and other STEM professionals, but engages them via ART projects.  STEMulating Art™workshops are designed to inspire young, creative minds in STEM and the Arts to become creative problem-solvers.  Creative, "out-of-the-box" ideas coupled with critical thinking are key ingredients for innovation and ingenuity.   These ingredients are not limited to STEM disciplines.  They are applicable to ALL disciplines.  So if your child, student, or young relative has an interest in STEM and/or the Arts, this is the perfect workshop for him/her.

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STEMulating Art™ Mentoring

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